Yusupov Palace with Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood

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Tour as part  of a group

Tour as part of a group

Duration: 4 hours


This excursion reveals the mysteries of the two most scandalous murders that probably changed thecourse of Russian history. We
start our visit from the palace where the crime, perplexed the wholeRussian high society of the early twentieth century, took place. In the residence of the Yusupovs,Grigoriy Rasputin, the most enigmatic figure in the Russian court, was killed.
You will admire the preserved gala halls and private rooms of the palace, as well as go downstairsto the famous basement where the conspirators led by the flamboyant Prince Felix Yusupov killedthe "mysterious peasant monk". You will learn the mysterious details of the tragic night.
The Yusupov Palace in Saint Petersburg is considered to be one of t
he most luxurious in the wholecountry. The interiors were decorated according to the latest trends of the time by the best artists andarchitects, emphasising the subtle taste of the owner and at the same time the wealth of the Yusupovs.The real gem of the palace is a private family theater, which looks like a small copy of the Mariinskytheater.
The majestic and splendid Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood built in traditional Russian stylecontrasts with the tragic event because of which it was built. The church was constructed by order ofthe emperor Alexander III at the very place, where his father, Alexander II was assassinated on the 1stof March 1881. The main shrine of the church is a real piece of embankment, where the emperor’sassassination took place. This piece of embankment was not transferred, the church was built aroundit. Over this place there is a canopy with a cross on it, which is made of jasper, a semi-precious stone.The walls of the church inside are covered with more than 7 thousand square meters of impressivemosaics.

Important information

  • Group gathers 10 minutes prior the departure
  • We meet with the sign «NORTHERN EMPIRE»
  • If you are late more than 10 minutes, the payment for the service is not refundable
  • You must have your identity documents


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