Pushkin. The Catherine Palace and park.

Bus Excursion

Tour as part  of a group

Tour as part of a group

Duration: 6 hours


The Catherine Palace is an Imperial summer residence, one of the most publicized and must-seeplaces according to Saint Petersburg tourist g
uides. It is known worldwide above all for its famousAmber Room, a gift made to Emperor Peter the Great by Frederick William I of Prussia. This
workof art was the relic and pride of the Romanovs, it was stolen by the Nazis during World War II andits whereabouts are still unknown.
During the visit you will see the replica of the famous Amber Room, created in 2003, we will tellyou the theories about its enigmatic disappearance. You will walk through the huge golden rowdesigned in the Baroque style that the Empress Elizabeth loved so much. You will feel theatmosphere of the interrupted party of this luxurious palace and we will reveal the secret why thename of the residence is misleading.

Important information

  • Group gathers 10 minutes prior the departure
  • We meet with the sign «NORTHERN EMPIRE»
  • If you are late more than 10 minutes, the payment for the service is not refundable
  • You must have your identity documents


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