Наша компания появилась в 2019 году как результат деятельности нескольких человек, работающих в туризме более 15 лет. Сегодня мы объединили свои усилия для работы на международном рынке.

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Northern Empire


Hi! My name is Andrei.
I am a CEO of the Northern Empire Company that appeared on the tourism map at the end of 2018. It is emblematic to start something new when, for the first time in history, tourism goes through clinical death. We all have a very difficult time right now. Even “Thomas Cook Group”, the legendary travel agency, fell out of the race just before the lockdown. What can we say about newbies?

I am sure, like any other empire, our company has to go through a long evolutionary path, get stronger, and become a truly powerful and most extraordinary company in the world.
15 years of experience in tourism helps me to see clearly the way of the company’s development, our advantages and disadvantages. But, still the main value for me is people. My team is the best in their field, strong, ambitious and talented one, open to everything new, ready to embody the most challenging ideas of the “mad emperor” and I trust them immensely.
The Northern Empire’s mission is:
🔸 to show the richest culture, history and centuries-old traditions of our country to the world;
🔸 to open a modern, comfortable and safe Russia to visit for millions of people;
🔸 to teach our partners to promote as a tourist destination not only Moscow and my favorite city on the Neva, but also the authentic Golden Ring, hospitable Crimea, auroral Murmansk and many other incredibly picturesque regions of our country.
I have no doubt that, sooner or later, tourism will be back. On this World Tourism Day, I wish all colleagues and partners courage, patience and faith.

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