Наша компания появилась в 2019 году как результат деятельности нескольких человек, работающих в туризме более 15 лет. Сегодня мы объединили свои усилия для работы на международном рынке.

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Northern Empire


The legendary sphinxes installed on the University embankment are more than 3,500 years old. Proud lions with human heads appeared in Saint Petersburg in 1833. The statues were discovered during excavations in Thebes.Once upon a time they guarded the entrance to the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The heads of these Sphinxes are the image of the Pharaoh’s face. On the head-crowns of that time, which show that the Pharaoh was the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. Thus, the Sphinx is a tomb monuments, guarding the dead. Here are some legends about these creatures:

There is a legend that the one who disturbs the Sphinxes, waiting for great misfortunes. Misfortunes and losses also affect members of his family. If the rest of the Sphinxes are disturbed by strangers, the curse will be many times greater. This happened to Nicholas I, who, according to legend, did not die a natural death. The official version of death as a result of a severe cold is replaced by the unofficial version-suicide. His son Alexander II was killed. The subsequent fate of the Royal dynasty was tragic. Sad was the fate of Janis Atanasia archaeologist who found the Sphinx. He died, the cause and circumstances are unknown. There were rumors that soon after the delivery of the Sphinxes, the ship’s captain and crew members who delivered these mysterious monuments to St. Petersburg died suddenly.

Pharaoh Amenhotep III was the founder of a terrible witchcraft cult and performed magic rituals. He was notorious. For this he was cursed by the Priests. The spell of this cult is inscribed on the pedestal of Sphinxes, in the form of hieroglyphs. According to the legend, if you read it at a certain time, you can throw the world into chaos.

Legend has it that after the installation of sphinxes on the embankment, all drowned people from the Neva river began to be nailed to the foot of the mythical statues. And attentive passers-by noticed that the expression of stone faces changed during the day. Until lunch, they are calm and unperturbed. Then their expression changes to anger, and in the evening it seems that they look at you with hateful eyes .

But there is a pleasant legend about these creatures: the sphinxes fulfill desires, if they are “correctly” asked. Before making a wish, you need to choose which of the Sphinxes you like best. At the foot, find the griffins that guard the peace of the Sphinxes. With the index finger of the leading hand, grab the fang of the griffin. With the other hand, stroke his head and make a wish. Be sure to throw a coin into the Neva or into the paws of a griffin. Then look into the eyes of the Sphinx for several minutes. If you do everything right, then the desire will certainly come true within a year.

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