Наша компания появилась в 2019 году как результат деятельности нескольких человек, работающих в туризме более 15 лет. Сегодня мы объединили свои усилия для работы на международном рынке.

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Northern Empire


Saint Petersburg has a rich industrial history. Since its foundation, factories, artels  and plants have appeared here. Today, the Northern capital of Russia is a developed industrial center. Many modern enterprises of St. Petersburg open their doors to residents and guests of the city. In addition to excursions, various master classes on creating a particular product are offered. We will tell you about some of them…


The Imperial porcelain factory is one of the world’s oldest and most famous manufacturers of highly artistic porcelain products. The excursion program includes a visit to the Workshop of highly artistic products, where you can observe the process of making various porcelain objects. At the end of the tour anyone can can take part in a master class by painting porcelain. Experienced painters of the factory will help you realize Your wildest dreams in traditional forms of porcelain products: cups, saucers, sculptural miniatures.


The oldest enterprise in Russia, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa”, was founded by Peter I in 1721. After the great Patriotic war, the company produces watches under the brand “Victory”. On the tour you will get into the wonderful world of development and production of Russian watches “Raketa ” and “Victory”, as well as details of watch mechanisms. You will see what no other watchmaker in the world will show you!


Petrokholod ice cream factory is the largest and oldest ice cream manufacturer in Russia, whose history begins in 1936. Today it is a modern production facility equipped with the latest science and technology. During an exciting tour of the company, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the process of making ice cream and waffle products. They will also learn some production secrets. At the end of the tour, visitors will find a pleasant surprise-tasting ice cream and hot crispy waffles!


The company “Russkiye Samotsvety” was founded in 1912, by the Imperial by decree of Nicholas II. Today, “Russkiye Samotsvety” continue the traditions of the St. Petersburg school of jewelry and stone cutting art of the late XIX – early XX centuries, including the world-famous firm of Carl Faberge. After visiting the tour,you will learn how to preserve and develop the traditions of the best masters of jewelry. You will get acquainted with ancient manual and modern automated technologies, learn how jewelry is born, unique enamel-filigree silverware, crosses and icons. You can complete your visit to the factory with one of the jewelry master classes. Under the guidance of specialists, you can create your own jewelry masterpiece!


A tour of the distillery will introduce guests to the full production cycle of the famous Russian premium vodka “TSARSKAYA” and other traditional Russian alcoholic beverages – liquors and tinctures. The company’s specialists will conduct a detailed tour of all the main technological units, show their work, explain the principles of key production processes and answer all questions.

After visiting the production, tasting of the most interesting samples of LADOGA company products is provided.

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