Наша компания появилась в 2019 году как результат деятельности нескольких человек, работающих в туризме более 15 лет. Сегодня мы объединили свои усилия для работы на международном рынке.

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Northern Empire


1.The Peter and Paul Fortress is located on Hare Island, which, it is claimed, was inhabited by a huge number of eared animals. According to legend, one of the hares fleeing the flood even jumped on the boot of Peter I, who was leaving the boat at that moment. In memory of this legendary event, there is a monument to the hare at the Ioannovsky bridge, which connects the fortress with the Petrograd side.

2.The Peter and Paul Fortress would be more correct to call the Peter and Paul Prison. Indeed, this fortification never participated in military operations, but almost from its very foundation it was actively used as the “main political prison” of Russia. Its casemates contained the most dangerous state” political ” criminals. By the way, one of the first prisoners of the fortress prison was Tsarevich Alexey, the son of Peter I.

3.The fortress could not survive to this day. The fact is that in November 1925 a resolution was adopted by the Leningrad Council on the destruction of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the construction of a stadium in its place. Fortunately, the decision was soon reversed.

4.On the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress, there is probably the oldest industrial enterprise in St. Petersburg, whose age is only a few years less than the city itself. This is the Saint Petersburg Mint, founded by the decree of Peter I in 1724. Coins, medals and orders are minted here.

5.The Peter and Paul Cathedral is located in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Before the television tower appeared (in the early 1960s), at a height of 122.5 m, the Cathedral was the tallest man-made structure in Saint Petersburg.

6.Today in the Peter and Paul fortress is available for inspection secret passage — poterna. It was created at the beginning of the XVIII century. But since the fortress was never used as a defensive one, in the XIX century it was covered with earth. In the XX century, a heating line was laid in poterna. For the 300th anniversary of the city of poterna, it was restored and opened to the public. The passage located in the fortress wall begins to the left of the Peter’s gate and runs inside the wall of the Sovereign’s Bastion for a distance of about 150 meters, ending in a casemate.

7.On the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress, one of the few remaining “midday cannons” still functions — a special gun notifies citizens of the onset of midday with a shot. On September 24, 1873, a midday shot was fired from the Naryshkin Bastion of the Peter and Paul fortress for the first time. Maintenance and firing of the gun was assigned to a separate company of fortress artillery, which was part of the garrison of the Peter and Paul fortress. Every day, a squad of one officer and three soldiers was assigned to fire the midday shot. The gun was loaded with smoky powder.

8.The Museum-Studio of ancient types of graphics “Printenya” is located in the Peter and Paul fortress (Neva Curtin, to the left of the Nevsky gate). Here you can find a wide range of prints. Visitors have the opportunity to independently print an impression of the engraving on the machines of 1834, 1906 and 1919, or participate in a master class on monotype and lithography, receiving impressions of their own drawings on the machines.

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