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Northern Empire


There are such mysterious places in St. Petersburg where you can make a wish and be sure that it will be exactly fulfilled.

Griffins on the University embankment

Two griffins live in a picturesque place opposite the Academy of arts. These mythical creatures are incredibly demanding: to be sure of fulfilling your desire, you need to come here at night. Put your hand in the Gryphon’s mouth and whisper your wish to it. Only not loudly, but so that only the Gryphon can hear.


The figures of mighty Atlanteans are the main decoration of the Portico of the New Hermitage (on the side of Millionnaya street). These heroes are addressed on the day of marriage – they bring a happy family life. All you have to do is believe it and touch their thumbs. This should also be done by someone who wants to get rid of personal problems, observing one condition – that no one is around at this moment.


A small figure of a Siskin bird sits on a small stand at the 1st Engineering bridge over the Fontanka river. You won’t notice it right away, you have to lean over the parapet of the embankment. This is a mystical figure, fulfills the desire guaranteed, but you need to do everything right. In order for the dream to come true, you need to throw a coin left lying on the pedestal of the monument or hit the beak of a bird.

Kissing Bridge

This magical place is popular with lovers. It is believed that a kiss on the bridge will preserve family happiness and give harmony in relationships. Many advise to perform a magic ceremony-write your names on the lock and fix it on the span. And if your goal is to keep the romance of life together, kiss your soulmate while sailing under the bridge on a boat.

Elisha the cat and Vasilisa the cat

In St. Petersburg, there are two” cat ” monuments – Elisha the cat and Vasilisa the cat. Elisha is located on the facade of the Elisha store. And Vasilisa “lives” opposite — on the facade of the house number 3 on Malaya Sadovaya street. Animals know everything about this city, no secret is hidden from them. Seals require you to be accurate: you need to throw a coin so that it remains lying on the pedestal. Hit — and catch the luck by the tail.

Foto: https://mcbars.ru

Monument To Peter The Great

While walking through the Peter and Paul fortress, try to RUB the right hand of the first Russian Emperor — this will bring fabulous wealth. If you hold Peter’s left hand, it will be a great love. If the desires are more versatile, then you need to put your hand on the head of the Emperor and say your wish, the Emperor will hear and fulfill. Well, if you need luck in business and courage, then you need to sit on the lap of the Emperor.

Hare on a pile

Another creature that can work miracles is hiding on a pile next to the bridge that leads to the Peter and Paul fortress. Make a wish and toss a coin so that it stays on one of the piles. If the coin does not fall into the water, then the wish will be fulfilled.

Petersburg photographer

On Malaya Sadovaya street, you should stop at the monument to the photographer. This is a well-known photographer in the city, Karl bull. This place was his workshop. There is an opinion that it brings good luck and makes a person famous. Just take a picture with him, clasping hands.

Gavryusha The Dog

On Pravdy street in the courtyard of the house 11 is a funny monument to the dog Gavryusha. The dog is so smart that it understands human speech. Residents believe that a good dog helps people. That’s why they put a box for notes next to the monument. Write your wish and put it in the box, or you can whisper in his ear, because he understands everything you say to him.

Monument to Peter I on Castle street

On Castle street, next to the Engineering castle, by order of Paul I, a sculpture was installed to Peter I. the monument bears the inscription “great-Grandfather from great-grandson”. Those who want to fulfill their wishes should carefully look at the pedestal. Find a bas-relief that depicts a scene from the Gangut (sea) battle. Next, you need to find among the many figures of a man crawling into the boat. It’s easy to find him — his leg is polished. Make a wish and RUB a leg saved in battle.

Ball on Malaya Sadovaya street

On the pedestrian zone there is a fountain of wish fulfillment in the shape of a ball. In order to fulfill your dream, touch the ball and try to spin it.

Foto: https://spbhi.ru

Monument to Pushkin at the Russian Museum.

It should be used for inspiration by creative people, as well as family people who want to refresh their feelings. To do this, it is enough to mentally talk to Alexander Sergeevich about your desire, remember his poems, and then make a date with your Muse or soulmate at the monument, as for the first time.

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